About Ryan Marshall Dunlap

Several years ago, I received some of the worst advice I’d ever been given. The advice came from a senior law enforcement instructor during a conflict communication course that was designed to sharpen my effectiveness as a communicator, especially during incredibly tense and life-threatening situations. 

“Don’t forget.” he said. “Sometimes you just have to cuss’ people out. It’s the only way they’ll listen. Remember…  Words can fail.”


As a tactically trained officer and expert marksman, I was trained to respond to failures and malfunctions involving my gun with composure, calm, and intentionality. Sadly, I was not trained to do the same whenever I failed to communicate well.

I founded Real Tact Leadership after devoting the remainder of my professional career to answering one question; What if I was trained to use my tongue as effectively as I was trained to use my gun?


Since that class, my career has evolved to include years of specialized law enforcement experience, security & crisis management, and executive leadership. Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to conduct countless high-stakes interviews, interrogations, and negotiations which have cumulatively allowed me to become extremely well-versed in delivering an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances. Stepping into difficult and uncomfortable conversations became a passion.

Today, I work with leaders and their teams to help them do the same. If you desire to improve your leadership presence, minimize conflict and misunderstanding, to speak with greater clarity, and to maximize team productivity, let's connect to see how I can be of service to you.


  • Executive Leadership Experience

  • M.S. Communication and Leadership

  • Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management

  • B.A. Criminal Justice

  • 14+ yrs of Law Enforcement Experience

  • 3,600+ Hours of Specialized Training

  • Former Hostage Negotiator, Crisis Interventionist, Special Victims Unit Detective

  • Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Certified Law Enforcement Field Training Instructor


  • Interpersonal Conflict Communication

  • Individual and Team Conflict Coaching

  • Organizational Conflict Management

  • Leadership Negotiations

  • Crisis Communication Planning and Response


  • Georgia Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) State Expert Committee

  • Law Enforcement Chaplain, CISM Facilitator