"I operate at the intersection of strategic communication and tactical communication."

The Marshall Method:

In a tactical environment, a hostage negotiator can gather actionable intelligence about a suspect, assess capabilities and vulnerabilities, begin the communication process, and deploy active listening and bargaining techniques to resolve conflict. In business, however, dynamic conflict and crisis response processes rarely exist.

So what happens when there is a standoff between leaders? What if previous attempts to resolve a conflict is unsuccessful? How should you respond to conflict and crises that have dire consequences and place people's wellbeing in jeopardy? When tension between teams becomes untenable, are there clear rules for deescalation? 

Ryan 'Marshall' Dunlap is dedicated to helping business leaders answer these questions. Ryan is a former SWAT Hostage Negotiator, Special Victims Unit detective, and crisis interventionist. and  Ryan 'Marshall' Dunlap in order to provide solutions to clients who struggle with antiquated models of conflict resolution.


Whereas most conflict and crisis resolution strategies are rooted solely in strategic communication theory, Marshall's resolution methodology combines principles of strategic communication with the best practices of tactical communication found in hostage negotiation, crisis intervention and high-stakes interrogations. Using this methodology, clients will gain a tactical advantage over conflict by integrating field tested and proven techniques used by experts in crisis and conflict response into their conflict resolution processes.


At Marshall, we believe that tactical training shouldn't be limited to weapons and hand to hand combat, but that it should include how we wield our words. Our mission is to make tactical communication relevant and available to non-tactical communicators, thereby equipping leaders and organizations to navigate conflict more effectively.



We believe in the value of Preserving Character, that one should never do or say anything to cause character to come into question. We exemplify the value of Maintaining Composure and aim to be the calm in the midst of chaos. We focus on the value of Balanced Control and endeavor to steward well over that which we can control, and to effectively prepare for that which we cannot.



We provide conflict training and resolution services to individuals and organizations alike. Through One-on-One Coaching, Team and Corporate Training, Workshops, Speaking Events and more, we help our clients obtain a tactical advantage over conflict and tension.



Our unique methodology is rooted in strategic communication principles such as multi-disciplinary collaboration, stakeholder identification and engagement, and reputation management. It simultaneously includes deconfliction, message encoding and decoding analysis, as well as critical capability and vulnerability assessments. Combined, this approach allows those in conflict to go beyond perceived conflict and attack the deep root causes of conflict that often go unaddressed.

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