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"Tactical training shouldn't be limited to weapons and hand-to-hand combat. It should include how we wield our words." 


- Ryan Marshall Dunlap

Ryan M. Dunlap, M.S.

CEO | Founder

As a SWAT hostage negotiator, crisis intervention officer, and criminal investigator turned executive leader, Ryan has facilitated thousands of high-stakes interviews, interrogations, and negotiations.  With 20 years of combined law enforcement and executive leadership experience, Ryan's brings a unique tactical approach to addressing conflict. 

Conflict Evolution?

After leaving law enforcement for ministry, and eventually non-profit leadership, Ryan quickly discovered that conflict was all too common in meeting rooms and boardrooms. What was worse, antiquated conflict resolution strategies failed to resolve conflict. They simply allowed conflict to evolve. 


"Even when conflict could be leveraged to solve critical problems within the organization, we weren't able to solve the people. Leaders would leave with a solution to their problem, accompanied by a genuine dislike of the people they were in conflict with. Conflict never left, it just changed forms."

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From The Interrogation Room to

The Boardroom

"In a tactical environment, you're not solving problems. You're solving people. My job in an interrogation room was to give people the courage to admit that they had made bad decisions and to choose to work diligently to right their wrongs. I want to give leaders in the boardroom the same opportunity."


Utilizing his unique approach to conflict, Ryan has helped leaders across a number of industries including healthcare, private and public education, local and state government, and non-profit spaces. His work with leaders and their teams has led to significant and impactful cultural and organizational growth