About Ryan Marshall Dunlap

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Ryan Marshall Dunlap is the founder of Real Tact Leadership, a leadership development and conflict communication consultancy dedicated to helping leaders and their teams overcome communication challenges in order to achieve their strategic goals.


As a former SWAT hostage negotiator, crisis intervention officer, and criminal investigator, Ryan has facilitated thousands of high-stakes interviews, interrogations, and negotiations and has led cross-functional teams through dynamic situations. It is this unique experience that shapes his coaching belief, a belief that tactical training shouldn't be limited to weapons and hand-to-hand combat, but should include how leaders wield their words.

Ryan has learned that communication is the foundation of leadership efficacy. Accordingly, he combines principles of strategic communication with the best practices of tactical communication in order to help leaders gain a tactical advantage over conflict, tension, and misunderstanding, especially when leading through adversity.

Ryan is described as a naturally gifted communicator; a human bridge capable of meeting people where they are and skilled enough to get them to where they need to be. Having worked with leaders across a number of industries including healthcare, private and public education, local and state government, and non-profit, Ryan has proven success in helping leaders to solve critical challenges, build high-performing teams, and improve their own leadership presence.

Ryan serves as the Executive Director of a large faith-based non-profit, where he spearheads the development of the leadership development process for emerging executive leaders and oversees the enterprise-wide strategy for IT, Security, Facilities Management, and Operations personnel. Previously, Ryan coached and trained sworn and civilian law enforcement personnel as a state-certified law enforcement instructor and field training officer. Additionally, Ryan currently serves as an adjunct instructor in the School of Political Science at Oglethorpe University.


  • Executive Leadership Experience

  • M.S. Communication and Leadership

  • Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management

  • B.A. Criminal Justice

  • 14+ yrs of Law Enforcement Experience

  • 3,600+ Hours of Specialized Training

  • Former Hostage Negotiator, Crisis Interventionist, Special Victims Unit Detective

  • Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Certified Law Enforcement Field Training Instructor


  • Interpersonal Conflict Communication

  • Individual and Team Conflict Coaching

  • Organizational Conflict Management

  • Leadership Negotiations

  • Crisis Communication Planning and Response


  • Georgia Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) State Expert Committee

  • Law Enforcement Chaplain, CISM Facilitator