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Working to make difficult conversations easier.

"As a former Hostage Negotiator, I've learned that tactical training shouldn't be limited to weapons and hand to hand combat. It should include how we wield our words."

What's Your Greatest Communication Challenge?

Given the choice, most leaders would choose to avoid difficult conversations and deal with the fallout of unmanaged tension instead of dealing with the conflict and tension head-on. And we know that many leaders do this because they don't know where to start or they are afraid of where things may end.


We're here to make the process easier, beginning to end.


Having tough conversations is a critical part of a leader's job. We can help you learn how to deliver an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances.


High-performance teams will encounter conflict from time to time, but that doesn't mean it can't be mitigated. We help teams find consensus despite contention.

Live Events

We provide customized conflcit management programming according to the needs of your organization. From workshops to lunch and learns to keynotes, we are here to help.

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At the intersection of strategic and tactical communication.

Our approach to addressing conflict is focused on solving people, not solving problems. The methodology we use considers strategic communication principles such as multi-disciplinary team collaboration, stakeholder identification and engagement, and reputation management. It simultaneously factors in tactical communication principles found in hostage negotiation and high-stakes interviews and interrogations.

"Ryan has the knowledge, skill, and experience to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to deal with and discuss uncomfortable subjects."

 - Real Tact Leadership Client


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