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An ideal message. 

In less than ideal circumstances.

Helping leaders to overcome conflict and tension,

one conversation at a time.


At Real Tact Leadership, we recognize that many leaders avoid difficult conversations because they don't know where to begin or they are afraid of where things may end. What's worse is that many leaders directly contribute to the conflict and tension within their teams due to poor communication practices, but don't know how to improve.


By combining principles of strategic communication with the best practices of tactical communication found in hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, and high-stakes interrogations, Real Tact Leadership works with leaders to help them gain a tactical advantage when navigating critical conversations. 

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"Tactical training shouldn't be limited to weapons and hand to hand combat. It should include how we wield our words."

Ryan Marshall Dunlap I Former Hostage Negotiator I Founder of Real Tact Leadership

Image by Michael Denning

At the intersection of strategic and tactical communication.

Our approach to addressing conflict is focused on solving people, not solving problems. Our methodology considers strategic communication principles such as multi-disciplinary team collaboration, stakeholder identification and engagement, and reputation management. It simultaneously factors in interpersonal deconfliction, message encoding and decoding analysis, as well as individual capabilities and vulnerabilities.

"Ryan has the knowledge, skill, and experience to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to deal with and discuss uncomfortable subjects."

 - Real Tact Leadership Client


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