"Learn how to deliver an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances with this game-changing resource from former SWAT Hostage Negotiator, Crisis Intervention Officer, Law Enforcement Training turned Pastor -

Ryan Marshall Dunlap."

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"Being able to deliver an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances has little to do with how you communicate when things are going right. Instead, your effectiveness as a communicator has everything to do with how you respond once things start going wrong."


What if you could navigate conflict and difficult conversations with tactical precision? How much more effective would you be as a leader, and how much more productive would your organization be? 

As a tactical communication strategist, I can show you how to implement tactical principles into your communication practices. The strategies that you will learn are all adapted from the same time tested strategies used by hostage negotiations and crisis responders around the world - I've just made it available for non-tactical communicators like you!

Here's How Tactical Communication Can Help you:

  • Define a clear starting point and anticipate outcomes when navigating conflict

  • Lead better, inspire more and influence greater

  • Build  Bulletproof Rapport and connect more effectively with others

  • Deliver an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances 

  • Find consensus despite the contention

  • Better understand and be better understood by others

  • Speak honestly and openly while minimizing conflict and misunderstanding


The amount of money organizations lose to workplace conflict each year.


The leading cause of conflict between people and organizations.


The percentage of employees who report experiencing conflict in the workplace.

"There has got to be a better way."

Talk To Tact provides readers like you with a framework for navigating conflict and tension during difficult conversations. Whether that conversation is personal to professional,  or interpersonal to organizational, this framework will allow you to:

Become A More Effective Communicator

Organize Thoughts More Effectively

Decrease Interpseronal Conflict, Increase Productivity

Speak With Greater Clarity and Cast Clearer Vision

Navigate Conflict and Tension Like a Pro

Better Understand And Be Better Understood By Others

A Simple 4-Phase Tactical Communication Framework

The book is broken down into 4 phases; Assess, Strategize, Execute and Evaluate. This simple process was developed by Ryan Marshall Dunlap and it is based on the same principles and strategies used by SWAT Hostage Negotiators and Tactical Units each and every day when planning tactical operations. When applied to communication, this framework provides communicators with a unique approach to solving the communication problems that so many of us face.

What You Will Learn From The Book:


In addition to the 4-phases of tactical communication, Phase 2 of Talk To Tact introduces readers to the 8 core tactics of tactical communication. Developed by Ryan Marshall Dunlap, REAL TACT is the heart of tactical communication!

Talk To Tact is not yet available! In the meantime, you can begin your journey to becoming a tactical communicator by downloading the

Talktical Toolkit today! 

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