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The Real Tact Model:

Understanding The 8 Malfunctions of Speech:


To make tactical communication available to and relevant for everyone.


A failure to respect, relate and repute.


A failure of genuine connection.


A failure of inclusion and acceptance.


A failure to discern the differences in hearing, listening, understanding, and agreeing.


A failure to establish and stay the course.


A failure to preserve character, maintain composure, and balance control.


A failure of situational awareness and competency.


A failure to communicate in a timely manner.

The Real Tact Model™ combines principles of strategic communication with the best practices of tactical communication found in hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, and high-stakes interrogations,

How Real Tact Can Help You:

Increase your self-awareness and minimize the potential for conflict

Better understand and be better understood by others

Discover your own communication tendencies that lead to tension and misunderstanding

Find consensus during contentious conversations

Gain the courage to lead and speak through adversity

We can help to facilitate critical conversations between individuals and teams that will: 

  • Empower leaders to lead critical conversations with greater success

  • Decrease interpersonal conflict

  • Maximize productivity

  • Improve team dynamics and morale among staff

  • Reduce attrition and turnover

  • Shape and grow organizational health

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We utilize a combination of tools to create customized leadership development plans that help executive leaders to:

  • Identify their own strengths and weakness as communicators

  • Speak honestly and openly while minimizing conflict 

  • Better understand and be better understood by others

  • Speak with improved clarity and cast clearer vision

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Training is available through a variety of formats including multi-day workshops, lunch and learns and seminars. 

  • Provide organizations with a framework for conflict avoidance and mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve internal communication between teams and direct reports

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement


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I designed The Real Tact Model ™ to help leaders get honest about their communication challenges. As leaders struggle to transform company culture and fail to walk out their stated values, productivity suffers, profitability hangs in the balance, and low employee morale leads to constant attrition.


By helping leaders gain self-awareness around their own unique communication malfunctions that contribute to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding, we enable them to improve their interpersonal engagement and subsequently, the culture across their organizations.


"Ryan has an uncanny ability to take a complex issue and make it palatable for individual consumption.  He can talk to a group of five-year olds or the most seasoned academic, keep them engaged and they never lose the point of his message.  Ryan has the knowledge, skill and experience of law enforcement to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to deal with and discuss uncomfortable subjects."

"Ryan not only knows how to relate to a diverse audience but he has the astuteness to connect people to each other.  Ryan is a living, breathing bridge. He understands the importance of meeting people where they are and identifying commonalities that people share even when they come from different backgrounds.  Ryan is a dynamic communicator who is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others."

- A. Carruthers, CMP - Events Director and Strategist

"Ryan Dunlap spoke at our conference and he was phenomenal! He tailored his message for our group and it was extremely helpful information for our profession. He is an excellent communicator and provided relatable examples. Several people who attended stated that he was one of the best speakers we have ever had!" 

- E. Smith - Pre-Certification Training Instructor

Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers

"Ryan is a phenomenal communicator! He knows how to appeal to all demographics in a room. As a speaker, he leaves you with applicable steps to take and he helps others overcome adversity. Very inspirational and a person you can look up too!" 

 - E. C. Johnson III - Professional Actor & Entertainer

"From one speaker to another, listening to Ryan speak left me in complete awe. Ryan not only communicates with clarity and authority, but he also lives out every word that he speaks. In a society where great communicators rarely have great character, Ryan is in a league of his own possessing the traits of a great speaker with untouchable integrity."

 - J. Boykin - Motivational Speaker

Founder - "God is The Plug"

"GAPPS had the distinguished honor of having Ryan speak at our recent continuing education seminar.  From the moment he started speaking he had the audience’s attention and an immediate connection.  He imparted humor, his own life experiences and his years of specialized training to give us the tools necessary to handle situations and interactions with others.  I would highly recommend Ryan Dunlap to speak at your next event, you will not regret it!"

 - J. Rauser - President

Diversified Legal Services, Inc.

"The webinar was outstanding and that is all thanks to your contribution. You presented valuable information and your energy was inspiring. We received numerous comments on the presentation, your talking points in particular. We are very lucky to have had you on this webinar and appreciate your time."

- S. Roberts - Director of Marketing

Salient Systems