The Real Tact Difference

At the heart of what I do is the Real Tact Method®, a unique framework that I developed to identify communication malfunctions in leaders that contribute to conflict and tension. The 8-part framework was developed by combining principles of strategic communication with the best practices of tactical communication found in hostage negotiations, crisis intervention, and high-stakes interrogations.

"I believe that communication is not a skill, but a competency. There are, however, some essential skills that are necessary for effective communication. We tend to fail in one or more of those areas. I created Real Tact Leadership to address those failures."

Ryan Marshall Dunlap I Former Hostage Negotiator I Founder of Real Tact Leadership

Learn about the 8 essential skills of

The Real Tact Method below!

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Rapport is the sum of the reputation, relationship, and respect communicators establish with their audience.


It is the foundation of communication and it requires an investment of time and energy to establish.