"I operate at the intersection of strategic communication and tactical communication."

What if you could navigate conflict and difficult conversations with tactical precision?

How much more effective would you be as a leader, and how much more productive would your organization be? 

As a communications strategist, I can show you how to implement tactical principles into your communication practices. The strategies that you will learn are all adapted from the same time tested strategies used by hostage negotiations and crisis responders around the world - I've just made it available for non-tactical communicators like you!

Through One-on-One Coaching, Team, and Corporate Training, or Speaking Events, I help my audiences to:

Become More Effective Communicators

Organize Thoughts More Effectively

Decrease Interpseronal Conflict, Increase Productivity

Speak With Greater Clarity and Cast Clearer Vision

Navigate Conflict and Tension Like a Pro

Better Understand And Be Better Understood By Others

Our approach to conflict is simple: Address it, don't suppress it.

Let's face it. Conflict costs time, energy, and money. What's worse, despite how much time, energy and money an organization may invest in addressing conflict, the conflict is rarely ever resolved. This is usually because organizations spend more time prescribing solutions to problems than they spend actually trying to fully diagnose problems.

At the heart of our services is our unique conflict resolution methodology - The Marshall Method. Our methodology uses a three-step process that places an emphasis on investigative fact gathering, conflict party interviews, message decoding, and analysis of critical capabilities and critical vulnerabilities. By doing this, we give individuals and organizations a tactical advantage over conflict by helping them to uncover root causes of conflict, discover tactical strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategic conflict solutions around their strengths.

How We Can Help:

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